This salt is Fetén!

Welcome to a new concept of salt.
A salt as natural and rich as ever but much healthier.


Mediterranean flavour

Fetén La Sal de Murcia originates from the Mediterranean Sea, preserving the traditional flavour that we all know with over 30 minerals and trace elements essential to our body.

Fetén La Sal is sold through Murcia’s largest online platform selling beverage products.

Origin and production 100% natural

Fetén La Sal de Murcia, stands out for its origin and natural production process, because it is free of GMOs and synthetic components, 100% of the ingredients are obtained from the natural environment and we just mix them together.

Reduced sodium content

Fetén La Sal de Murcia, is characterised as a balanced selection of minerals with reduced sodium content. It includes calcium and potassium, trace elements essential for the functioning of our body.


Essential for bones, connective tissue and muscles.


Essential for regulating water balance in the body and the cardiovascular system.


Ideal to protect teeth enamel from acidic foods and to replenish the body’s alkaline reserves.


A perfect harmony of flavour and nutrients to bring to your daily meals.

Free from

Fetén La Sal de Murcia is a product free of lactose, gluten and GMO’s.

The balance for your body

The perfect selection of mineral salts increases the alkalinity of the food we eat, facilitates the removal of waste acids and improves the bioavailability of calcium.


Fetén adds spice to your life


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