Because you deserve a salt that is good for you

Fetén La Sal de Murcia, is the first alternative to common salt with the same flavour. With Fetén you can start taking care of your health without having to give up tasty meals.

Consuming excess salt can be dangerous to our health. Fetén La Sal gives you the familiar taste and texture of salt, only much healthier. The clean, fresh and intense flavour means you can lose less than other brands.

Source of Nutrients

Fetén La Sal de Murcia is composed of important nutrients essential to human wellbeing. Calcium is vital for healthy bones and muscle function and potassium helps blood circulation and regulates water in the body.

Taking care of your health is our priority

Eating too much salt, high in sodium is damaging to our health. 

With Fetén we can continue to use the seasoning on the foods we love but in a healthy way!


Essential for bones, connective tissue and muscles.


Essential for regulating water balance in the body and the cardiovascular system.


Ideal to protect teeth enamel from acidic foods and to replenish the body’s alkaline reserves.


A perfect harmony of flavour and nutrients to bring to your daily meals.

Free from

Fetén La Sal de Murcia is a product free of lactose, gluten and GMO’s.

What are the benefits of Fetén La Sal de Murcia?

High calcium content

The Calcium intake of Murcia Fetén La Sal de Murcia helps your bones stay strong and healthy for longer.

Balance your body

The composition of Fetén La Sal de Murcia, as well as the nutrients it contains, helps regulate and improve the functioning of your body.

Reduced sodium content

Fetén La Sal de Murcia is suitable for people suffering from hypertension as the sodium content is reduced.

Suitable for Coeliacs

Our salt is gluten free and therefore recommended for people suffering from Coeliac disease.

Fetén adds flavour to your life

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